Life at BOL Flint

Flint, MIFlint电竞下注平台,Lpl世界赛下注,哪里能压lpl战队

We all know that the Flint team is committed to providing superior customer service, while producing the highest quality products. And over the last decade, we have made a large investment in the purchase of high-quality machines built for handling higher volume projects that keep us going day and night! Working for Barrette has its perks.? We encourage you to participate in all the initiatives that are offered, both inside our plant and in our community. Check back frequently as we will update this page with newsworthy events for the Flint Barrette family!

Veggie Day电竞下注平台,Lpl世界赛下注,哪里能压lpl战队

BOL in Flint, MI provided its employees with vegetable trays in celebration of Veggie Day June 16! Several trays full of vegetables were left in the break room all day for each shift to enjoy throughout the day. Additionally, employees also wore their new shirts, which display the mantra “Get Fit Don’t Quit” to promote… Read More >>

Farm-to-Front Door电竞下注平台,Lpl世界赛下注,哪里能压lpl战队

A new program in Flint, MI offers fresh fruits and vegetables (often locally sourced) to be delivered right to your door for $15 or $30. Of course, the Flint Wellness Team seized the opportunity and ordered a few. After our “Rethink Your Drink” presentation on how much sugar is in the beverages we love to… Read More >>

Barrette BOLO – Final Results电竞下注平台,Lpl世界赛下注,哪里能压lpl战队

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners in the Barrette BOLO Games! Thank you to all the participants for a job well done – pat yourselves on the back for your accomplishments!

The Cleveland office has bragging rights for the 3rd year in a row!? Congratulations to Jim Georgopolis and Jim Catterson, our overall winners!

BOLO Global Walking Contest Winners电竞下注平台,Lpl世界赛下注,哪里能压lpl战队

Bulls Gap

  • Office-Ghana Finish First-1,909,173
  • Floor-Turkey Crawlers-6,607,405


  • Office-Trinidad & Tobogo-1,500,052
  • Field-Our Big Fat Greek Walking Team-1,960,134

New Jersey

  • Office-Morocco-1,947,989
  • Floor-Romania-3,332,879


  • Office-US Express-1,417,335
  • Floor-1-5,848,453


  • Office-Frashtam-1,560,764
  • Floor-The Polish Broad Street Bullies-3,363,318


  • Office-Australian Inspectors-1,740,183
  • Floor-Brazil Steppers-3,325,848

2016 BOLO电竞下注平台,Lpl世界赛下注,哪里能压lpl战队

The Walk to Wellness is underway!? The 8 week walking competition began Monday, May 9th.? The Flint group golf challenge was held in May and the winners were:? Todd Dixon with 2 putts and Kim Hall with 2 putts.? The production floor team winners were Nathanial Cwiklinski with 3 putts, Veronica Neaves with 1 put… Read More >>

Barrette – BOLO Games update电竞下注平台,Lpl世界赛下注,哪里能压lpl战队

The Walking for Wellness challenge is a success so far! ?Here are the top teams up to this point in the BOLO challenge.

Location Team Name 5/9-5/15 & 5/16-5/22 Bulls Gap-Office Walk-About Sheilas ?????? 474,801 Bulls Gap-Plant Korean Missiles ??? 1,604,174 Cleveland- Office Trinidad & Tobago Trotters ?????? 375,777 Cleveland-Field Our big Fat Greek Walking… Read More >>